Bose Wave Soundtouch System IV Black Friday 2021

bose wave soundtouch music system iv deals
bose wave soundtouch music system iv deals
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Are you looking for Bose Wave Soundtouch Music System IV Deals 2021? This guide will provide a detailed overview of the latest sales and discounts.

Bose Wave Soundtouch Music System IV Black Friday Deals

In this video, I will be reviewing the Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV. The SoundTouch Speaker is a wireless speaker with a variety of features to help you find your perfect sound. The newly-released SoundTouch 300 comes in two color choices: silver and black.

Bose Wave Soundtouch Music System IV Black Friday


The system has a height of approx. 5.5 inches and width of approx. 14-14 1/2 inches, with a depth of approx 8-8 1/2 inches and weighs around 10 pounds This speaker also features a built-in radio which I was able to tune into my favourite radio stations just fine without the need for an external antenna.

With a dual alarm and CD player, the Bose Soundtouch Music System IV is perfect for couples who need their space to get up early while still sharing in the sound of music. Having an attractive speaker is important. The Bose Wave Soundtouch Music System IV looks good and performs well, too.


The “wave music system iv” by Bose is a compact, all-in-one speaker system with tone and power unheard of from less versatile sound systems. The Bose WaveSound touch Music System IV uses the WaveGuide technology, a series of passages from the speaker to the grille that guides air through two 26-folded waveguides.

] With its stereo sound, this compact system lets you enjoy music no matter where you are in the room. Being wireless, the Bose Wave IV is easily controlled through a remote control and when it comes to sound quality, this speaker with its crisp clear sound does not disappoint. But be aware – if you don t like strong bass sounds, which can be reduced manually thanks to the 4 EQ presets available for your convenience – then consider a different product.

bose wave iv black friday


You can pair the Wave SoundTouch Music System to your bluetooth device, computer or smartphone with no problem. Pairing it with a wifi like within you store all of your music is easy too, and makes for much better sound quality. The SoundTouch app makes it easy to connect music sources and control the speaker’s volume.

Why pick Bose Music System 4 on Black Friday?

I primarily use Spotify and Pandora on my Wave soundtouch system. The one drawback of using the SoundTouch app to play music is that it doesn’t support adjusting volume when your phone is locked, but this can be fixed since crashing the app will send out a volume level notification sound. You have to unlock your device to do that or you have to use the included infrared remote. Now I do love this speaker’s ability to set presets with the SoundTouch app. You can set any of your connected songs, albums, playlists, artists or stations to any of the 6 presets and you can then use the SoundTouch app One of my favorite features is the informational display which shows the title of what’s currently playing.

Final Verdict

The speaker is a part of the Bose SoundTouch lineup, meaning you are able to use one app on your phone or tablet to control any number of these speakers in different areas. If you’re looking for an all-in-one system that has a built-in alarm, AM/FM radio, and CD player but mainly does well in sound quality and wireless playback, the Wave SoundTouch Music System IV may be a good investment for you. This speaker combo is perfect for anyone who desires high-quality sound.

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