Asus ZenBook 15 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

asus zenbook 15 deals
asus zenbook 15 deals
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Asus ZenBook 15 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I was once excited to purchase the Asus Zenbook 15 as it had been 6 months or so since I had seen any real innovation in laptop technology. I mean, I always strive to make them thinner and lighter and more powerful with a retina display.

What’s Different?

I saw a great deal on Asus zenbooks 15 deals and that has been the latest laptop in the market. I t is always really exciting when a big company that usually does not make laptops for Windows comes with an innovation. I have always been a PC desktop user and because of this, I haven’t chosen laptop over their performance limitations and upgradeability Check out Lenovo Yoga 920 Black Friday Deals.

Asus ZenBook 15 Black Friday


I know that I am an exception to the rule when it comes to relying on college students, people working from home, or those who are constantly traveling as their main work devices. I’ve been using this laptop for about two weeks, with my typical mix of video editing and gaming lately. That said, I am going to do it on my laptop.


As a design-centric laptop, the UX44 is noteworthy. It’s aesthetically pleasing and visible in the market, like an art exhibit. You’ll find 4K IPS displays available for it–meaning 100% SRGB portrayal possible on 1080p screens as well if you want that option. The ASUS Zenbook 15 is a quality laptop with an excellent display. The screen displays colors and angles perfectly.


It is a sharp and attractive laptop; you get an HD webcam with support for Windows 8 and all but golly the keyboard. This where things get slightly different. You do get a numpad for a more comfortable phone experience which I believe some negative of you might appreciate as for the typing experience itself. It is pretty much the same as it does on aux input 44, my only concern about it is that.

asus zenbook 15 cyber monday


I’m not too fond of the inclusion that I prefer a 15-inch laptop without a number because the keyboard is not centered and makes for an uncomfortable typing experience. In my opinion, next is the trackpad, and just like that, you’ve hit x44. Asus Zenbook 15 offers a dual-panel display with maximum resolution of 2160 by 1080. You can launch and switch between apps on both displays, providing new ways to multitask.


I one this asus zenbook 15 deals and I like it a lot. It s great that the keyboard short travel is matched by an equally nice typing experience for both gamers and typists alike, whether they prefer WASD or QWER Almost any laptop will have a keyboard, but it can be difficult to use in low light or at night.
The Asus ZenBook 15’s backlit keyboard was designed with these purposes in mind, providing an experience akin to typing on a traditional desktop keyboard during the day and then transitioning into use as a standard notebook keyboard after dark.


Asus provides great touchpad/numberpad combinations that work perfectly for most PC tasks. From the touchpad screen, you can launch a specific task.

Asus ZenBook 15 Black Friday Deals

Why pick Asus ZenBook 15 on Black Friday?

Working on an Adobe program, for instance Premiere? Undock one of your side panels and drag to the bottom of the screen. One way to set up your laptop for streaming involves dividing the screen into two halfs: one in which you game and one with the chat window.

Final Verdict

The bottom of the laptop has an option to use it as a monitor and that is what I was using it for. The laptop is versatile; people can use it for launching programs like Spotify or playing music but I was using mine more as a second screen which coming from a PC background with two or three monitors always hooked up to my old laptop,

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