Asus MG279Q Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

asus mg279q review
asus mg279q review
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When it comes to new screens for your computer or laptop, there is one type that has been catching the most attention from consumers–the Lenovo Legion C730 touchscreen.

Asus MG279Q Black Friday Deals 2021

The Asus mg279q gaming monitor is a 1440p 144-hertz free sync gaming monitor. I really enjoyed my experience with this model, and it may be the best purchase I made in awhile.

asus mg279q black friday


The Asus MG279Q features a 27-inch 1440p, 4K resolution screen with IPS In-Plane Switching technology for crisp colors and excellent viewing angles. I like that the color is not glossy and matches my other monitors, but I wish it was black matte as well. Check out the LG OLED65B7A Black Friday deals.


I appreciate that the screen is matte, which means even though it s not as bright as glossy screens this makes sense because they don t have a glare. Moving on to the back where all of the inputs are we see there is a USB power input to power up your machine without having to use an outlet.
Quiet keyboard keys: Quiet Keyboard The ASUS MG279Q has a lot of ports, but there’s one that you do not want to go without if you want to take advantage of the 1440p resolution and 144 hertz: DisplayPort. Luckily, it also has both an easy-to-detach stand and USB 3.0 ports for all your other needs.


These monitors are very adjustable, you can raise or lower the height for better viewing angles and swivel depending on your goals. Just keep in mind that because the entire base is swiveling it may not work well if there’s a lot of space restrictions. This monitor comes with a very sturdy suction-cup style articulating arm that clips onto the side of the display. I don’t like the position of these buttons, but I’m accustomed to them.

One thing to note about the monitor is that it has a low blue light filter coming programmed with four different levels. I often prefer the FPS mode preset, which has a deep blue coloring. There is the gaming menu inside the gaming menu where you get to customize your crosshair and start a stopwatch.

asus mg279q black friday deals

Why pick Asus MG279Q on Black Friday?

The Asus MG279Q is a high-resolution 1440p (WQHD) 27” display with an excellent refresh rate of 144Hz.

Best Buy returned my computer because the Wi-Fi adapter was not working and claimed that they could no longer fix mine I did not find this monitor appealing because of the graphics card needed to support its high resolution.

Final Verdict

I would still consider purchasing this monitor if you’re looking for a 27-inch 1440p 144 HZ monitor. The free sync was great when I plugged in my RX 460, and everything worked perfectly. Still, I’m having the time of my life using my gtx 980 and playing games at 144 hertz. I had this monitor for two weeks before switching back to my 144hz monitor. The 60 Hz may have looked good at first, but I can’t stand the choppy looking motion now.
I’m also guessing I won’t be able to go back to a lower framerate than 144Hz after getting used to it again
Overall, I really

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