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AOC AGON AG493UCX 49 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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AOC AGON AG493UCX 49 Black Friday Deals 2021

this is a 49 inch monitor the AOC AG 49 3 ucx I have a 49-inch monitor at my desk they re awesome this one is a lot cheaper let s check it out now if you re not familiar with 49-inch monitors you should know that their aspect ratio is 32 by nice compare that to an ultra-wide monitor which the Aoc AGon AG493UCX 49 is on sale for today. This screen has a curved surface that wraps absolutely beautifully around the entire monitor with its 18-inch radius and 3.8 meter curve radius!

AGON AG493UCX 49 Black Friday

I’m scared that I’ll have to modify my desk setup in order to accommodate the size of this monitor. Large monitors like these need deep desks, which can create problems because they’ll take up space you’re not using on your desk. With a big screen like this, there’s no room for your keyboard!

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The overall style is not corporate, but more in the “fun” category. This stand includes a remote control which could be used as an alternative to a TV, and it also features multiple USB ports for plugging other devices into the monitor. It even has HDMI port that helps you get the most out of your display. The design makes it difficult


This is the USB port these are used for 3.2 gen 1, which provides a five gigabyte per second pipe of bandwidth for transferring data. There is also a USB-type C port where you can plug your laptop in and charge it. My laptop is charging over here, as well as my headphones through the headphone jack on this remote with

agon ag493ucx black friday


The monitor is refreshing at a high 60 Hz refresh rate, but it isn t pushing 120 frames per second. Check out the on-screen display for game settings, color levels and OSD setup to see if it can be overclocked to 144 hertz.

Why pick AGON AG493UCX 49 on Black Friday?

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s play a game: if you’re trying to decide on the right aspect ratio for your new gargantuan monitor-choosing spree and you’re all about gaming, this bit is going to be important.
Let me start by saying that creators of games are getting really creative with their layouts – there seems to be no

Final Verdict

The average response time for this monitor is advertised as one millisecond. I’m seeing some slight lines near the edges of images that are most noticeable when highlighting and looking at lighter colors. 1440p monitors on a budget are hard to come by, but this one has an anti-glare coating and low response time while also providing a great value.
Apparently there s some that aren t as cheap or have flaws when it comes to color of certain ranges or high resolution capacity or other technology specs. But this model is awesome for what

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