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Amazon Fire HD 8 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Are you looking for Amazon Fire HD 8 Cyber Monday Deals & Sales? This article will give you a complete guide to the best Amazon deals on tablets.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Black Friday Deals 2021

This is Amazon’s new Fire HD 8. It comes with ads on the lock screen, which you can remove for an additional cost. Once you open it, you get to Amazon’s proprietary interface, over Android Nine.

Fire HD 8 Tablet black friday


Amazon Fire Tablet Review Amazon fire hd 8 tablet review

So here are the highlights of this tablet: A screen enabled device that can show you videos, play music, or act as an alarm clock. It’s also excellent at reading books with it’s 1280 by 800 display. Still, it’s excellent for reading books that are in this genre.


If you’re looking at reading comics, the HD screen is pretty nice for standard one-page layouts. The only downside here is that it isn’t completely high resolution enough for two page spreads. Let’s take a look at some other things and see what we have to work with now. There’s a camera on the front of Although the device is generally smooth and seamless when browsing, there are moments where re scrolling can be a little sluggish.


The weak point of this tablet is when you are trying to use apps that are not the built-in apps like Amazon’s; if you want to use a non-Amazon app, such as Microsoft Teams, which isn’t in the Amazon app store, you must sideload them. Google Play is the most important app store to have on a tablet and it used to be available for the Amazon Fire tablet, but no longer.

Fire HD 8 Tablet black friday deals

Why pick Amazon Fire HD 8 on Black Friday ?

There is no way to get YouTube (or any of Google’s other apps) on this tablet. Amazon has some fantastic subscriptions, such as a Kindle reading subscription and amazon’s own Free Time for Kids. The latter is great for turning the tablet into a back seat or couch side entertainment station for smaller kids because it loads up the tablet with videos

Final Verdict

Amazon has listed the RAM at four gigs, which is more than enough for anything you need. However, they are not giving any information on the size of the battery, so that could mean trouble. The Amazon Fire HD 8 can get around 10 hours of battery life when being used to watch videos, use apps, or browse the internet. You also have a low power mode for saving battery life when needed.

What is an Amazon Fire?
Who do they make these tablets for? * They are ideal for a family on the go because you can download and stream content from anywhere in the world as well as use Skype to video chat with your loved ones back home.
3. What should I know before getting one

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