Amazfit GTS Fitness Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

amazfit gts fitness review
amazfit gts fitness review
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Looking for amazon amazfit GTS Fitnes Monday Deals? You don’t need to worry about that, I’ll provide you with the best-selections and promotions.

Amazfit GTS Fitness Black Friday Deals 2021

The first test I’ll be carrying out is the steps count test and here we basically track how many steps are actually being taken. The second test is a cycling activity test so we can cycle around the neighborhood.

The third test is the heart rate sensor test a lot of people have been asking me like how accurate the data are here and there so this will finally put all those questions to rest.
I went to the gym actually by using one of their machines with my amazfit gts watch. For each run, I noticed that my step count was Check out Garmin’s Cyber Monday Sales.

Amazfit GTS Fitness Black Friday


I tested the amazfit gts and found that it was consistently accurate in calculating my steps and cycling activity. I walked around the neighborhood to test this product, but there were some difficulties with accuracy for GPS location features.


The GPS on my watch is fairly unreliable, and unlocked sporadically during cycling.


Here’s an in-depth review on how the amaze feet GTS can actually help you maintain a healthy lifestyle! Firstly, it has accurate heart rate monitoring. I’m giving this product two thumbs up for that aspect. Moving on to the next test, sleep tracking test. The device basically tells you your sleep quality for each night along with showing

Amazfit GTS Fitness Black Friday Deals

Why pick Amazfit GTS Fitness on Black Friday?

I need to note two things. First, the time that it says I have been asleep for longer than a few minutes is incorrect. Second, when I do wake up at night (usually 1-2 times), the time during which awake never updates.

Final Verdict

Sometimes my sleep would always show as zero minutes on the app even though I ve stayed up for 10 – 15 minutes. Another thing I d noticed is that if say you wake up at 7 a.M., it would take another 30 minutes to get out of bed, but your sleep time would still be shown as waking up at 7 a.M When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes like to stay in bed for awhile before getting up. The Amazfit GTS fitness watch actually registers when you’re awake instead of when you get out of bed or whatever. So, if we suppose that I was awake thirty minutes before registering on my app and not just ten minutes it would mean

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