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AcuRite Weather Station Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Here are the best AcuRite Weather Station Black Friday Deals from and Amazon

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AcuRite Weather Station Black Friday Deals 2021

Many people use only one sensor to monitor the temperature in their home, but an accurate temperature sensor linked to a more complex system would tell you indoor and outdoor temperatures. I was looking for something that would give me just a little bit more detail on the weather.

AcuRite Weather Station Black Friday


It s been very easy to go through some of the features here that I like up high. Still, it s an outdoor sensor signal screen with a GPS and what I like about that is if you re moving it around to different locations. The sensor should be located on the north side of a house outside of the sun to ensure accurate readings are achieved.

The instructions on the unit said it was getting full reception at 50 feet from the station and one wall between, so I think that’s pretty good. The different brightness modes are really nice too – there’s a button for them at the top of the screen. The AcuRite has an auto-dim setting, so it adjusts automatically when the room is lit by natural or artificial light. Outside temperatures and humidity are seen on the display along with a list of highs and lows for each day. The Acurite weather station, on the other hand, automatically resets itself at midnight for a more accurate reading.


You can cycle through the different options and settings and stuff. You can check the highs and lows for the entire life of the unit. Still, I like that it shows, you know, just the last 24 hours (last hour). So that s something you get with this that you don t always get with one of the cheaper devices in the middle When you first plug it in, a message will appear on the screen that states “14-day learning mode.” Simply follow the prompts to complete this process.
When completed resume reading input text.


This forecast is 100 accurate for up to 14 days when readings are taken for temperature-humidity and pressure. It shows the icon depending on what the weather forecast is going to be, and it has been true so far. It’s cloudy out, and it has been cloudy all day.

This weather station can be programmed so you’ll know what to expect before the storm. The AcuRite provides an indoor thermometer, humidity indicator and more.

AcuRite black friday deals

Why pick AcuRite Weather Station on Black Friday?

I don t much like the contrast, but it s alright when I sit at eye level with my camera.

Still, the contrast fades on this device and at the lowest reading.

If you want the unit in a stand, it is best to place it closer to eye level rather than hanging from an upper wall. I appreciate that this weather station goes through a 14-day learning period when it’s unplugged or the power is out.

Final Verdict

I didn’t want to have to go through all the hassle of having them learn how to use it again so I took care of that. The only downside I can think of is that when you look at it, the contrast isn’t very good and its hard to see what’s on the screen if they put it in a location with too much light I am cautioning you to look for a unit that is easier to view or put it down somewhere on the ground, but I am overall pleased.

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