Active Aqua AACH50HP Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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This article will give you a complete guide to Active Aqua AACH50HP Black Friday Deals 2021.

Active Aqua AACH50HP Black Friday Deals 2020

This article examines the Active Aqua AACH50HP 1/4-horsepower chiller. I used it in my kitchen to test if it would work before installing it. Everything worked fine, which is always a relief when you’re ordering something online and worrying about how well it will even function. I wanted to give you a little more detail on this product. It’s quite large, and my first chiller I’ve own

Active Aqua AACH50HP Black Friday


17 x 12 x 16.5 Your remote control panel is easy to use, all you have to do is maintain the sub button for five seconds and it’ll beep before letting you program whatever temperature you want down to 39 degrees effortlessly.


The great thing about this unit is that when the power goes out, it will automatically store on the last temperature setting you input. It comes with a remote control to change the temperature and also turn off or on without having to reprogram.

Aqua AACH50HP black Friday

Why pick Active Aqua AACH50HP on Black Friday ?

I’m also going to hook up this pump to my Apex, which I already have connected for water changes, so that cycle pumps several times per day to keep the water moving. That’s what they recommend on the Apex forums–a good idea. Hence, you have your front here, and you have your sides (a lot of people say they got hair and dust in the components, but these tabs on each side come off), and there are two of these little panels on each side that come off. It has a bit screen air filter here so you don t get any debris inside cooling components This front panel detaches and again, it has an astoundingly large screen on it. In that screen you can see your fan, radiator, compressor belt all the important details.

Final Verdict

The picture below shows the part I received.

To get the maximum amount of space for your items, it may be a good idea to eliminate the table-top with drawers and workbench.

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