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Acer R240HY Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Looking to purchase an Acer R240HY Black Friday Deals 2021? We’ve got a full guide for Acer R240HY Cyber Monday s IPS HDMI Monitor new sales and discounts.

Acer R240HY Black Friday Deals 2021

Take your gaming to the next level with a high-performance, large screen monitor at an affordable price. Experience the difference that full HD and Nvidia Geforce 2D/3D technology can bring. I bought it in (you should too) if you want one of the best deals on a 24-inch computer monitor. First things first, let me point out its features and talk about why this is such a good deal. There are many other monitors with that offer the same size for cheaper, but they’re typically more basic models – not as Check Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Black Friday Sales Check

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Acer R240HY Black Friday

I think the Acer R240HY is a good choice because it offers so many features at such an affordable price. It’s got a 1080p screen, which I don’t like to see any lower in terms of resolution. With a screen this size, you won’t see as much detail if it gets higher than 1080p.


In-plane switching is the screen type on this computer monitor, but typically laptops have a different technology called TN. Some gamers take response times of their monitors very seriously, so if you are looking for a display with an incredible 4 millisecond response time this one isn’t for you. But to anyone else who doesn’t prioritize high-end specs, the Acer R240HY monitor is perfect.

Many gamers are concerned about online responsiveness and the tick rates of game servers. Overwatch, for example, has 16 milliseconds per update; a fairly low rate that ensures precise response time among players. The server will send out teams regardless of how fast the player’s monitor is able to respond. The average gaming server sends out information about enemy positions every 16 milliseconds, but it might be worth considering that if the player has a higher level monitor they may have an advantage over servers that are only sending this stuff once per second.

Acer R240HY Design

These computer displays are very responsive and fast. Most people use the HDMI input, but if your monitor comes with a DVI or VGA inputs, this is also an excellent product. The downside to Acer 240HQ as that it only came with a VGA cable so I couldn t hook up my personal laptop which uses HDMI


Acer r240hy is a good deal for people who are interested in two monitors and want to put them side by side, because you will have little bezel between the two. However, don’t discount one monitor with two monitors side-by-side. With one screen you can use your game while on another four windows watch YouTube videos or just I use multiple monitors for that all the time now, but this deserves its own video so I ll just say– if you ve never used Windows with more than one monitor, you might not know what you re missing. One of the best features about the product we are discussing is its ability to tilt. The screen can be tilted forwards and backwards a total of 15 degrees in either direction.

I’ll turn the lights off momentarily to demonstrate how reflection is being caused by my lighting. I want turn this down which should make me dimmer in a moment, but the screen will look better.

Acer R240HY Cyber Monday Sale

It does not have a pivot or a swivel base. You can position it in different orientations manually using this fixed stand, but it cannot be turned side to side. This light matte screen has no glare because of the finish and resists fingerprints well during use because the fingers slide right off. It can tilt forward up to five degrees but cannot If it was glossy you would actually see a mirror image finish of my lights which are just on the other side of the camera over there but since you, all you see is a bit of fuzz there as I m a fuzzy light it is a matte finish and so it doesn t show reflections as strong as if it was a glossy screen which

Acer R240HY Cyber Monday

I ve ever done this I know I look a bit funny look at the screen not be the only light that s on in the room at the moment is actually the main overhead room light all of my studio lights has been turned off you can even see in glow coming into window behind sheet back there now let me show you how beautiful screen really looks as So the lighting was too dark to show you what it looks like but as you can see I’m moving this left and right, and the brightness still stays. This is at an angle of 45degrees that even in bright light, it has a remarkable color retention. I’ll go all the way back to my computer screen, over there. You might notice that you can get some reflections off of it because half of it is just free space; but check out this beauty!

Final Verdict

I just turned the lights back on so you can see me, but this display is absolutely breathtaking and I cannot recommend it enough. It comes with a 3 year warranty alongside an HDMI cable (which is not included). The only thing holding this product back is that it does not come with an HDMI cable or any type of cables for that matter. This 25 inch monitor is a great deal at $200.

I love this laptop for so many reasons – the price can’t be beat; the quality is excellent with a frameless display design and fast 4ms response time. The three-year warranty is unbeatable and will give you peace of mind when making your purchase. I hope you find the HDMI cable links to all of my monitor reviews helpful. My Patreon account will be down there as well, so if you like me reviewing these things please consider supporting me.

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